Our experienced engineers build all our engines on site in our engine assembly room. We offer a range of engines from standard reconditioned 998cc, fast road cars, and full race and rally engines. If its more power you are after, then try our Supercharger kits offering a massive increase in power and torque. We also offer Nitrous oxide kits, giving an extra 25 to 50 BHP at the flick of a switch! Minispeed power units are getting class wins in the Mini motorsport world and are proving reliable and competitive. We regularly fit both Supercharger and turbo units, and we have the technical expertise and knowledge to advise you on all aspects of these performance parts, and can assist with any problems you may have on your existing car. We not only supply gears and gearboxes for minis including LSD’s, straight-cut gears, quick shifts, and a wide range of final drive ratios, but we also build and rebuild gearboxes to any spec. Again, please talk to us as we can assist with gearbox conversions and any problems you may be having. The cheapest and most effective method of increasing power is with a tuning kit. These typically provide a 20% power increase, and a 12% torque increase. Complete stage 1 and stage 3 tuning kits are available for you to purchase direct from Minispeed, or we can fit them in our workshops if this suits you better. We really know how to get Minis moving, including tuning single point injection cars, and the later (last of the line) multi-point injection units. If you would like to see for yourself, come and test drive our twin point Cooper 500! As there are so many variables, we are happy to discuss which options would suit you best, and advise you on the most appropriate alterations and conversions - let us give you a quotation, it might not be as expensive as you fear. Plus, a same day engine conversion can be done by prior arrangement making it easier for you.