"KAD 6-pot calipers, pair only"

"KAD 6-pot calipers, pair only"

"These calipers offer more universal fitting possibilities than the four pot as they are a radial mounting caliper and can be spaced out radially from the disc centre line. They are supplied with alloy spacer washers, which allow fitment to disc diameters from 7.9inch minimum to 8.4inch maximum. There is sufficient length in the pistons to allow their use on either vented or solid discs but if they are used on solid discs, brake pad wear must be monitored as it may be possible for the pads to fall out if the pads are allowed to wear down to the backing plate. If using 13inch wheels for competition, a big disc conversion is available which uses the type B six-pot calliper with a 265mm x 18mm 2 piece disc assembly."

Part No: kad1012100

£536.43 Ex VAT
£630.31 Inc VAT

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