KAD 16-valve twin cam cylinder head - big valve head

KAD 16-valve twin cam cylinder head - big valve head

The KAD 16valve head can produce huge power and torque: figures as high as 185bhp @ 8,200rpm and 122 ft/lbs torque at 7,400 rpm have been seen using this cylinder head. The efficiency of having 4 valves per cylinder cannot by matched in power potential by the traditional 5-port heads. Large valve areas, well-shaped ports and a compact pent-roof combustion chamber all contribute in providing copious top-end power while maintaining lower end torque.
The twin cam head fits onto any 1275cc A-series block with some minor modifications, but pistons will need to be replaced with a flat-top design with machined valve clearance pockets in the piston crown. For engines producing up to 120bhp, a relatively standard bottom end will be sufficient. Above this level of power, we would strongly recommend the use of EN40B steel cranks and Sainz con-rods, 4 bolt centre main cap and ARP fasteners.
The cylinder head and cam carriers are sand cast in L99 aluminium, then heat-treated and machined to high tolerances Lead-free valve inserts and bronze guides are fitted. Three angle valve seats are cut, and stainless valves used with 2-piece springs allowing up to 0.440” cam lift. All pulleys and belts are included in the kit. There are two options available.
The small valve head, with superior low end torque is suitable for road use with a maximum power potential of 160bhp. The big valve race version with larger valves and ports sacrifices a degree of low down pull for increased mid range and top end power.

Part No: kad1011002

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